3D in da house PowerPoint
Author: Alex Tomilin
Previously, 3D has been used in PowerPoint in two ways:
to make charts look “prettier"
to distort data.
Notice how Apple's 19.5% share looks larger than 21.2%.
You're unlikely to face such mistakes nowadays.
But 3D comes back to PowerPoint in a completely different manner.
In 2017, Office 365 added support for 3D objects.
They can be inserted from Microsoft`s database (Remix3D)
or you can insert your own 3D objects
(in .fbx, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .stl, .glb).
How to find out whether you have support for 3D objects? You definitely have if there's a button “3D Objects” in the Insert tab.
Technical details of working with 3D objects can be found on the official Microsoft website.
If the button is missing, you should update your PowerPoint.
In what cases
should I use 3D objects?
If you want to surprise the audience
Few people know about the possibility to insert 3D objects into PowerPoint. And it can really surprise the audience.

It is important to understand that 3D objects aren't remarkable by themselves. Animation of 3D objects using Morph — it looks much more interesting.
For the presentation of the hardware product
You can insert your product model into a presentation, twist it from different angles using Morph and dynamically show product features.

We have already made a couple of presentations for clients using 3D models and Morph, it looks cool.
Soon we will show cases regarding this.
Few slides using 3D objects and Morph
For school presentations
There are many ready-made 3D objects in the default PowerPoint objects library. They are perfect for school projects presentations or biology, geography, or physics lesson.
Standard 3D objects suitable for school presentations
By the way, we are happy to share our knowledge
and experience in creating cool presentations with the younger generation.

Email us at idea@reprezent.ua to discuss possible dates for a free lecture at your school.
Animated 3D objects in PowerPoint
Most recently, an update has been released that allows you to insert animated 3D objects.
Sample slides with an animated 3D object
What works in your PowerPoint may not work on another computer.
If you open a presentation with 3D objects on a computer with an older version of PowerPoint, all models will be replaced with static images.
Use 3D where appropriate. Don't forget that a speaker is the only one who matters, not a presentation.

Therefore, all PowerPoint updates should not be used only as decoration.
You can use them if they are really valuable for your audience, able to impress it, or help in understanding information
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