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Presentation for KIVI Partnership Conference
Brief, work process and result
A prior task was to make an animated presentation for speakers of a Partnership Conference of KIVI, an international company. To help our client with reaching maximum connection with an audience, we had to get familiar with all the details.
Has been organising events since 2013.

Majors in event marketing, business events, entertainment events
for companies.

Clients — large Ukrainian and world corporations.

Mission — Create Unexpected.
KIVI is an international brand of innovative Smart TV
with its own ecosystem, adaptable to specific country
users' needs and requests.

KIVI is successful at competing with technological leaders
on different markets, including the CIS.

KIVI's outstanding advantage lies in focusing
solely on one business and on one product — Smart TV.
To whom?
What do people already know
about the presentation's topic?
What do they want to discover?
What problem do we want to solve
with this presentation/speech?
How will the presenation be held?
What are the technical constraints?
To whom?
The Conference guests are representatives of large wholesale and retail companies, as well as KIVI's partners.

All of them are interested in Ukrainian Smart TV market. They are quite familiar with the topic.
We count on the prepared audience,
motivated to listen the speech.
Nevertheless, they won't get bored.
KIVI holds the event to:
present a new range of Smart TV
tell about hardware
and software updates
share success stories about sales
and plans till 2020
present new branding
The guests will come to:
be the first to discover
some all-new products
from the producer himself
get unique information
to publish in their blogs
find out the special features
of a new product to sell it better
network with other specialists
and enjoy communication and the conference
To introduce an awesome new product,
to motivate the partners to sell it,
to show up.
The presentation will be displayed
at performance at CEC Parkovy.

Final rehearsal for KIVI speakers on the spot
The slides will be demonstrated
on LED screen of unusual size.
Width-to-hight ratio is 32x9.
Pixel size: 2048x576.
Meter size: 12,38x3,48.
Live performance, a large 12-meter screen.
We will use Morph to create wow-effect.
The style basis was the company's
identity developed by a branding
agency BelkaStrelka.

The corporate identity is based
on controls of Smart TV's remote:
up, down, left, right arrows, a star
and a stick.

These elements constitute KIVI's
logotype. Moreover, they make up
a dynamic pattern with corporate
First design draft
Considering the company's rebranding,
the presentation has to reflect the new style.
That's why we're making drafts to approve the design.

The client enjoyed accurate accents
and minumim text on slides. That's why we've
emphasized graphics and animation from now on.

The presentation consisted of several sections, because a few KIVI representatives were delivering speeches. Each of them shared information on their professional area.
The brief of the presentation looked like this:
During meetings with the client the slide content and the speech itself changed.
After approving some parts of the presentation we started to design them.
The design started from the introductory part of the presentation, within which the company's leader Evgeniy Rudenko shared the achievements and future plans. After approving the first draft we spent 4 days to design the final presentation.

Of course, a few meetings were held in between, as well as several versions of updated content and design.

The final presentation which supported KIVI's speakers performance is shown below. Set Full HD and enjoy!
The final presentation
Performance photos