Simbio Analytics

Presentation about product
Description of project
The CEO of Simbio Analytics asked us to create a simple presentation about rather complicated things. This product is an automated Excel-based module that significantly simplifies the life of Canada's insurance contractors: 20-page reports for customers are now generated by a single button click. No need to know the pricing and terms on the market, because this information is already in the module.
The Prezi form was chosen by the client, he likes Prezi for showing a big picture and then zooming into details, for cinematic camera moves.

There was a large array of input information so it was necessary to completely rethink the flow and to find a form that would be concise and at the same time not infringe upon the meanings. According to the client himself, we have succeeded: «The genius of your solution was to take a technical heavy presentation and simplify it into a clear, visual representation of the Simblify idea»
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