Presentation about product
Description of project
Vouchen from the United Arab Emirates creates a mobile application that connects suppliers of goods and services with customers through a system of discounts and special offers (following the example of Groupon). The application is different in that it is also aimed at the corporate sector – offering discount systems and loyalty programs for companies and their employees.

Since the application relies on geolocation to offer geographically close offers to the user, there were many options as to how to beat it. In the end, we decided to use the card and use it as a dynamic background in Prezi.
We abstracted the map of the city and placed slides on the map so that the camera moved from slide to slide on geotags.

Also in the presentation used a lot of screen shots of the application itself to leverage its interface in explaining how-it-works and benefits.

The presentation was used to attract partners before a large-scale launch of the application in open access. The client liked the concept of the presentation so much that we used it in the version for print use, where the information was submitted in a more detailed form — not in the form of abstracts, but in full sentences.
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