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Reale Yachts Presentation

Interactive presentation of yachts
Projects description
A client who deals with yachts askes us to create an interactive presentation.
This presentation was planned for display at the yacht exhibition on the plasma panel on which Office 365 was installed.
Input slides from client
Make a presentation with navigation so that the visitor of the exhibition can view the yachts, their photos, specifications and drawings.
The slides sent by the client generally looked good, but we had ideas on how to improve them, without violating the corporate identity. We discussed these ideas with the client, and he gave the green light to the start PowerPoint slide design.

Then we determined which corrections we will show in the form of test slides: the appearance of the text – work with typography, photo clipping, a more sophisticated look of the buttons.

After that, we approved test slides, completed the rest of the presentation, thought out navigation, and implemented it.
Slides design, adding a clickable menu, creating navigation through sections and slides, animating transitions between slides for a consistency of professional PowerPoint presentation.
Few slides from the presentation
Animated slides
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