Presentation about product
Description of product
Co-founder of SHPets start-up asked us to help with designing the deck about the smart collar for pets, which fixes vital parameters and GPS coordinates of animals.

The presentation was created for face-to-face meetings with investors, so the correct decision was to put on the text only the key ideas, and leave all auxiliary comments for personal discussion. So the focus of the audience did not dissipate, beautifully visualized drawings help to convey the benefits of the product.

PowerPoint presentation can be boring if it is overloaded with information. And the built-in templates do in this case a disservice: they offer lists of bullet points with arrays of text. A lot of text cannot be thoughtfully read when there is a dialogue with the speaker. Solution: text down, pictures up. You leave the visualizations that help in the explanation, brief headings to reinforce the structure and go to raise the investment.
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