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UNIQA Partners Conference

Deck for a live speech
Projects description
We have provided presentation design services for UNIQA insurance company repeatedly.

It was exciting and responsible when they asked us to help with a new presentation.
From time to time, UNIQA arranges a meeting of its regional directors with partners: representatives of banks, security systems, and healthcare.
At these meetings, speakers talk about achievements, plans for the future and inspire to implement new projects.

The client turned to us because they did not want a boring event with boring presentations, where 90% of the slides are faceless tables and graphs. It was necessary to get as far as possible from this and figure out in an interesting way to present a content.
Pick the right metaphor for the presentation and make slides that will engage the audience.
Two meetings were held with the client: the first for setting the task and discussing content and the second, where during the brainstorm the client approved an idea for visualization.

We stopped at Star Wars theme and related elements: space, starships, decorative futuristic fonts.

Then we adapted the speaker's speech and the content on the slides to the chosen topic and designed slides.
Search for metaphors in popular culture, small changes in speech and presentation structure, PowerPoint slide design with a “cosmic vibe", animation of slides.
Few slides from the presentation
Animated slides
Other portfolio projects