Animated video about your company or product

Video content is already popular and will become even more popular in the future. With the help of video, you can tell a whole story about your business to a huge audience, and this audience grows every year*
Working Process
You fill in a brief, we examine the incoming information, prepare a set of questions, ask them online or via Skype for a detailed discussion.
Script, Storyboard
We write the video script and create a storyboard for you to approve.
Design, voice-over and music
Upon approving the script and the storyboard, we start working on the video design, music selection and voicing
Completed video
As a result, you receive a link to the video, which you can show to your customers or embed into the website.
Animated videos are good for:
website embedding
showing at personal meetings
advertising on Youtube
advertising at conferences
creating educational videos for a new product or service
creating internal training materials for colleagues and external training materials for clients
Order animation video
Describe your request and we will contact you asap
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