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Dynamic non-linear presentations

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Our Prezi presentation portfolio
Working process
You fill in a brief and send the presentation materials. We examine the incoming information, prepare a set of questions, ask them online or via Skype for a detailed discussion.
Working with content
Our Prezi consultants analyze your introductory information in order to make a clear presentation structure and write clear and logical texts.
Stylistics and Design
We create a moodboard with a selection of pictures and test slides to show the presentation's general direction and its mood.

After the stylistics is approved, moving on to the layout and slide's animation, if necessary.
Designed presentation
As a result you get an Prezi Next presentation, source files in PSD \ AI format.
On average, it takes 7−10 working days to complete a 15-slide Prezi Next presentation. In case with urgent projects, we work expeditiously with a cost factor of 1.3−1.5 depending on the Prezi business presentation complexity.
Prezi Designers for hire needed in the next situations:
speaking in front of colleagues, when a non-linear presentatio
can come in handy
demonstrating slides at personal meeting
website placement — easy to embed directly to the site
What is conversational presenting?
Conversational presenting is a dialogue with the audience, in which the presentation is adjusted to this dialogue. Non-linear form of Prezi Next allows you to navigate freely between different sections of the presentation, showing only the information that is relevant to the audience at the moment of speech. Forget about switching 20 slides to go to a particular one the audience asked about.
What can Prezi Next do?
Prezi presentations can cause WOW-effect in your audience, because the camera movements are very different from the usual transitions between slides. In a Prezi presentation, you have an endless canvas where you can arrange slides and paths between them as you like. That is how you show the transition from general to particular (for example, to show the structure of the project as a whole, and then to zoom in the camera and in detail to show each component). You can also show the timeline, a temporary development by moving the camera. By tilting the camera, you can show growth or decline when it's needed in your story. We can make a presentation from Prezi video, which can be placed on your website or Youtube channel. Prezi presentation can be built right into your site, and the user will manage the slide switching himself (which gives more involvement and interactivity for visitors).
How does Prezi differ from PowerPoint?
The main difference between Prezi and PowerPoint is in the effects of camera rotation, moving and zooming. Also in Prezi Next you can easily create non-linear movements between slides, and that is quite difficult to do in older versions of PowerPoint.

In PowerPoint 365 update, creating non-linear movements are much easier, apparently, the creators of PowerPoint decided to keep up with Prezi in this.
How did Reprezent team acquire the experience in creating amazing Prezi presentations?
For a year, Alexander, CEO of Reprezent, has been a Prezi Campus Ambassador (2013−2014). During that year, he was able to understand well the possibilities of Prezi and organized a lot of training events in Prezi.

This experience he later brought to our team, and in these 4 years of work we have created more than 100 Prezi-presentations.
Prezi Next is built on templates. Do I need to hire a Prezi designer, if I can do the presentation on my own?
Prezi Next makes life easier for users, as you can just select a template and fill it with your content. However, if you want to apply custom design or company`s brand guidelines in Prezi Next, it gets tricky. Good Prezi consultant can help you get the most out of Prezi, both in terms of design and delivery on-stage. So in case of important projects, it will be a good idea to look for Prezi designers for hire.
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