New era in PowerPoint animation

Author: Alex Tomilin
Many of you may not know that Morph animation has been available in PowerPoint since 2015. This feature makes it easier to create smooth transitions between slides and helps to make your presentation more fascinating. We sincerely believe that Morph is one of the best things that have happened to PowerPoint recently.
Here is what you can do using Morph:

  • move and scale objects shapely,
  • make better animations, than those we used in 2000's,
  • transform shapes, change colours,
  • create anagrams, if you need them for some reason :)
  • and many more different things, just be creative and know how to use PowerPoint.

Below you can find examples of some of our works that were animated using Morph.

Do I have Morph? What should I do to get it?

You can find this marvelous feature in Transitions menu.
It is available if you have an Office 365 subscription and the latest version of Office. You can get the latest version and buy a subscription on Microsoft's official web page.Home license costs 140 UAH/month for 1 PC, and 180 UAH/month for 5 PCs. Makes sense to buy it if you often need to make presentations.

In PowerPoint Online, Morph (Transition) is only available when you work with files that were saved on SharePoint Online.

If you are using Mac and cannot find Morph, follow this instruction.

We have created a Morphbook

Morphbook is like a set of digital notes. It gives examples of how you can use Morph. This book can help those who often make presentations and want to bring some life to the slides with some light animation. In Morphbook we can teach you how to do this

or this

The structure of Morphbook

The book is made up into a website and consists of 12 chapters. All the animations you see there were created using Morph. At the beginning of each chapter there is a minor theoretical part, then every type of transformations has its own examples, and step-by-step instructions. When you hover the cursor over the selected text, the pop-up tips will help you find this or that function. The instructions were generalized and should not be difficult for experienced users. If you do find them difficult to understand, here you can tighten your overall PowerPoint skills.

How do I get a Morphbook?

Here it is, our pride and joy .

To start using the book, you need to enter your personal details - this will allow us to stay in touch with you and notify you about new tutorials.

If the book is not enough and you need complete training

Here are the options for you:

  1. Come to our next PowerPoint learning course. A whole module of it is devoted to animations, including Morph.
  2. If you are not the only one in your company who needs a course, you can either order a full corporate course or a corporate Morph lesson separately.
  3. If you can think of another option, please contact Alina (

And now let Morphbook take you to the world of modern, enthralling and beautiful presentations!

Share it with your friends and colleagues.

You can also leave your feedback to help us make Morphbook even better (
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