We are Reprezent.

Presentation experts, who design world class powerpoint presentations

Presentation design
Our presentations are eye-catching and easy to understand.
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Preparing speakers
We teach how to deliver and to write an important speech, as well as help you rehearse and give feedback on your performance.
We educate individuals and corporate clients on how to make outstanding presentations and give public speeches.
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Our clients
Created a presentation for senior director for startup relations at SalesForce Mike Kradens' speech at annual PhillyForce conference
Conducted training for two of the company's departments on PowerPoint (working with PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint Morph)
We held lecture on presentation design and PowerPoint workshop
Created Prezi presentations for speakers at company's annual conference
Conducted an eight-lesson course on PowerPoint for the company's brand managers
Creating all the presentations and preparing speakers for the last 4 years
Created a presentation for the P&G plant director's speech to employees
Conducted a customized training for the company's department and created a presentation for a speech at an internal event
Confidential projects
Conducted a training for 48 employees on PowerPoint and Prezi, and have been creating presentations for the top-management for 1.5 years
Created a presentation for a public speech
Designed a template for the company's presentations
Created two presentations for company's speakers at conferences and designed a tender-winning presentation
Confidential project
Created a presentation for Volodymyr Tsoy's speech at FuckUp Nights Kyiv
Conducted trainings for several company's departments
Created presentations for Volodymyr Zadiraka's and Ivan Penera's speeches, designed a presentation template for ONE LOVE's courses on brewing coffee
Created a presentation about MeiWei restaurants chain for potential partners
Created presentation templates for Bitriks24 conference and conducted an educational mini-conference on presentations for the company's partners
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