Marina Klischenko designer's daily life

Let's start with the introduction

My name is Marina, I am 24. I have studied to be a graphic
designer and now it is my profession.

I started working back when I was a student, so I already have 3 years of experience by now. I didn't have to choose between design and any other areas.

When did you first hear about Reprezent?
What made you apply for the job?

I was sending out my CV, and the guys called me for the interview. It was my first interview by the way.
I felt very awkward and nervous. The fact that I was “interrogated" by two people
at once didn't really help. That was stressful.
After the interview they said: “We will get in touch with you". I felt like that was
a rejection. The next day I received a message: “We really liked you, hope you liked
us too. Would you like to work with us?". I sighed with a relief.

What do you find most interesting about your job?

Everything, actually. I like the people, they are always fun. I like the challenges and
the process of work. I learn something new every day, and look at usual things under a different angle. I have grown very much in these three years.
Of course there is routine work, but when you are doing design it is not as boring,
as in many of the other professions.

Have there been any incidents or interesting stories in three years of work?

There were times when I received a new project at the end of the day, and the deadline was for the next morning. I had to work all night in the office on the presentation, but I did it. Sure there were several edits, but overall it went well.

Do you often criticize the design of things / objects that surround us in life? Or have you already stopped paying attention to them?

I do that very often. Especially with menus in cafes and restaurants. Sometimes they are just awful.
I didn't pay attention to such things before, but lately a critic in me cannot but finds something to criticize.

The biggest problem is negligence. You can see when somebody did the job quickly, without thinking about the quality. Often the text alignment suffers. It's too bad that people don't pay enough attention to it. This is an indicator of your attitude towards yourself and the people around you.

Sometimes such attitude makes me leave the website I needed to use. I have no choice in cases when a website's product is unique, but generally I tend to look for
a nicer and neatly-made site.

How do you spend your leisure?

Very simple – I eat, sleep, and just relax.
If I had more free time, I would like to travel a lot. I dream of going to Amsterdam
and California. I also would love to go to some tropical island.

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Do you have any idols in the world of design?

No, there are just works that I like and ones that inspire me. And there are many
of them because I have to constantly look for ideas to use in my work.

What book should everybody who does design read?

“Steal Like an Artist.” It gave me answers to many questions and helped me put
my thoughts in order.

And finally. Imagine that you need to hire a designer for a very important project. What would be the main requirement for the candidate?

As you can see, I appreciate attention to detail. And this case is no exception. I would like to see a meticulous and careful candidate. The rest can be taught. That is how I learned everything anyway.

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