Animated presentation
for Christina Kurganska's speech

Work in progress, drafts, and the final result
Оl.factory company Founder
Works in aromamarketing: creates scents for companies and events
Knows that scents can trigger a certain attitude towards a brand and that is an interesting way to stick and stand out
Christina Kurganska
When you look at this picture, you probably think about the smell

This is the beauty of aromamarketing, because people will remember the brand when they smell a familiar scent.
Create a presentation for Christina's speech at Retail & Development Business Expo-2018
Initial data
Company's communication materials
Initial presentation
Design reserences
Several slides from Christina's initial presentation
The first draft
Starting to work with the initial materials.Presentation design is an iterative process, there can be 6-8 different versions for each presentation. It is important to spend enough time thinking through the stylistics, visualizations and show the first draft to the client as soon as possible.

It can be either a slide show or a storyboard for visualizations approval on each slide.

This time we decided to make several slides without a storyboard, just to show the groundwork on stylistics.
The second draft
In the first draft we went in the wrong way with the stylistics and general direction, it wasn't what Christina wanted, but we received more specific suggestions and constructive feedback from the client. Full of new ideas and renewed energy we went on to work on the presentation, teo more designers joined the task force for this project.
The result
6 more iterations followed with various edits.
The result was amazing. It impressed us, the client, and the audience.
The final presentation
Check out our behance profile to see this presentation fully animated.
Preparation for
the public speaking
It is crucial that the slides compliment the speaker.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to rehearse alongside with the presentation, to ensure the quality of the performance. We help our clients to prepare and polish the speech.

We spent two hours rehearsing with Christina. There we polished phrasing of each slide, the ligaments between the slides and the general pitch.
Christina Kurganska
Founder and Managing Partner of Ol.factory
The first thing that is worthy of gratitude is your responsiveness and understanding, when we said about the time for which we need to make a presentation)
The second thanks for being mega-creative!

With our words and a few pictures your team managed to feel us and give 100% hit in the desired result.

The universe always sends us our people, people who are with us on the same waves. Team Reprezent – just such people.
Thank you for the work)