Talking about our team's impressions, the conference's behind the scenes and the importance of presentations in such major-scale events.
The tenth jubilee TEDx conference has recently been held in Kyiv.

For the first time this conference has been going on for two days,
a lot of inspiring ideas hae been delivered by 27 speakers from the stage. 1000 visitors, a big team of volunteers and organizers provided an outstanding atmosphere for networking and communication.

Reprezent Team did not stay aloof. We experienced the event both as guests by they having conversations in breaks between performances, trying ourselves out in VR-art, and as the organizers. Our task was to make presentations for all speakers and launch those presentations during the conference.

In this article we will share our impressions with you.
Photo archive
Part of Reprezent team at TEDxKyiv'18
Kateryna Yehorushkina's speech on how
fairytales shape our life goals
Every attendant got to take a picture with their icon :)
Harold's (Arató Andras) speech was one
of Andrew Letnitsky's favourites
Anton monitors all the presentations
from the backstage
Anton and Andrew took some time in the interim
to take a photo with our logo
TEDxKyiv speakers rehearsal, a month
before the conference
Iryna Stavchuk shares that the Earth would have a temperature of –17 ° C, if it was not for a layer of greenhouse gases
Yevhen Khlopotenko's speech
(Rita is secretly crazy about him ;) )
What is TED(x)?
TED — is a media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan "ideas worth spreading" . TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, but performances can cover absolutely different topics — from astronomy to poetry. Global TED conferences are held once or twice a year.

There are also local conferences, they are called TEDx. They are held much more often. More than 27 thousand TEDx conferences were held around the world.

There are many TEDx conferences in Ukraine, but TEDxKyiv is the largest of them. This year's TEDxKyiv conference lasted for two whole days instead of one. This is due to the receipt of a fancier license, which was awarded to only 50 major organizers of TEDx around the world.
The video, which is shown at the beginning of each
conference conveys the atmosphere of TEDx best
When did the affection between Reprezent and TEDxKyiv form?

It all started in 2014. When Reprezent was created, we didn't
have a mission or a vision yet. But there was one thing we knew for sure — we wanted to become TEDxKyiv partners to make presentations for their speakers.

We were in love with TED long before Reprezent, plenty of TED speeches made a positive impact on our lives. We couldn't let
the speakers of such conference take stage with poorly made presentations.

So a month after Reprezent was officially founded, Alex (CEO
and co-founder of Reprezent) called Roman Zinchenko (head
of TEDxKyiv`2014 speakers preparation) and declared our commitment to make great presentations for their speakers. Roman was a bit sceptical of course, but eventually he gave our team a chance. And we lived up to it.

Four years have passed since then, and our team has made presentations for all the speakers at 4 TEDxKyiv conferences,
2 TEDxKPI conferences and one TEDxKyivWomen. On the one hand we blended into TEDxKyiv team by accident, but on the other hand we have always strived for this and we succeeded.

TEDxKyiv conference support — is part of Reprezent's culture,
it's our pro bono work, which we truly enjoy.
TEDxKyiv Reprezent 1
TEDxKyiv Reprezent 2
TEDxKyiv Reprezent 3
TEDxKyiv Reprezent 4
Reprezent at TEDxKyiv in numbers
We can't do without a little bit of statistics!
Reprezent team has helped prepping speakers and making presentations
An average presentation takes up
Each of our team members gets sleep at night during two days before the conference
Were created for TEDxKyiv conferences
For 4 years
43 presentations
2 hours
22 slides
Why are presentations important at conferences like TEDxKyiv?
Around 300–500 people visit TEDxKyiv conferences (there were 1000 this year). All of them sit in a dark hall waiting for a new groundbreaking idea. In the entire hall, only the red carpet in the middle of the stage is illuminated. The speaker comes out, starts the speech
and turns on the first slide. One of the two things can happen next:

1) it is a discouraging slide;
2) or it is a slide you enjoy looking at.
Naturally, the slides play a supportive role in the performance.
The speakers and their ideas are the real stars of the show.

But let's imagine ourselves sitting in the hall, listening to the speaker, watching him closely. If your seat is somewhere in the tenth row or even further, you won't be able to see the speaker very well, what you will see, however, is a screen with the slides right behind the speaker. And the slides will influence our perception of the performance greatly.

Design always brings out emotions. Bad design can cause negative emotions. In best case scenario, bad design will lower our impression on the whole speech to neutral, in worst case it will be negative.

Good design, on the other hand, can help us work out a more positive impression.

We believe that good presentations are important! We are doing
our best, for the audience to get the most hotshot experience during the conference.
Our impressions from TEDxKyiv'18
Our favourite slides and some pictures from the performances