A tender-winning presentation for UNIQA: the story of success with Nova Poshta

The biggest deal in Ukrainian insurance history in VHI
Pictured: Viacheslav Klimov — co-owner of «Nova Poshta»; Olena Uliie — chairperson of the board of «UNIQA» insurance company; photo credits: focus.ua

The first deputy chairman of the board of «UNIQA» insurance company Tamas Rainai has turned to us for help in making an extremely important presentation:

“We are taking part in a tender, and we need to prepare a package proposal for voluntary health insurance for «Nova Poshta» from «UNIQA». They want to insure 26 thousand employees, the total cost of the project is unparalleled in the Ukrainian market. The cooperation between «UNIQA» and «Nova Poshta» can set a new format of labour conditions in the Ukrainian market.

A lot depends on the quality of presentation, we rely on you and we want you to help us create it.”
Tamas Rainai
The first deputy chairman of the board
We have worked with Tamash before, so we were very pleased, that he entrusted us to create such an important presentation.
Right after his first call, we fixed the meeting time to discuss all the details of the presentation.
Here is what the presentation first looked like:

During the course of discussion and clarification of details, we realized that we need to dwell more on:

the process of providing medical assistance to the employees of Nova Poshta
UNIQA's own medical assistance, which is the most technological one in Ukraine
history and European background of UNIQA Insurance Group
Own assistance and a large reserve of resources are UNIQA's top benefits.
That is where we decided to focus the presentation.
We have added new information, and the first draft of the presentation with all the content assembled looked like this:
In terms of style, we had to adhere to the corporate colours of Uniqa and Nova Poshta. We built a moodboard to figure out how to beat the existing limitations:
The dotted pattern was the only thing that made it to the final version, we focused on a neat layout and creating dynamics by using Morph transition between the slides, which is available in Office 365.

With this presentation, the management of Uniqa insurance company submitted their proposal to the management of Nova Poshta.
And they won the tender.

Being one of the first people to find out about the victory is worth its weight in gold. Tamash's emotinal response was really pleasing and inspiring for our entire team.