Dental Rocket

Presentation about company
Description of project
CEO of the American startup, engaged in business consulting in medicine, asked to create a Prezi presentation. The client wanted to stand out during the presentation for investors, not to show overloaded with text slides, copying the content of his startup business plan.

The startup helps those dentists who want to open dental clinics, but do not know where to start and how to properly distribute the forces and finances.

Our team offered to show the problems through the history of a doctor who finished medical training, but because of a lack of knowledge on doing business, his case was closed, and not becoming profitable.

After that, the client moved on to his product, showing the contrast, how much better could the hero of our history have had if he applied the right methodology and drew attention to many aspects of entrepreneurship.

Since the product itself is protected by copyright and is under NDA, we can not show a presentation about it in our portfolio. But the use of storytelling and the possibilities of Prezi helped in the creation of the presentation's plot, which kept investors' attention until the very end.
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