Quadratic Labs

Presentation about company
Description of project
Quadratic Labs is engaged in data analytics: helping clients to get from a simple array of collected numbers to conclusions, what to do with this further and at which points it is possible to optimize business processes.

They asked us to design a presentation about their company: to present their services, to tell a little about the distinctive features and to show the products. It sounds simple, but in reality, it is rather difficult to visualize abstract concepts, because how to visualize something that you can hardly imagine? After several brainstorm sessions, we rejected associations of the first level, the most obvious ones. The most complex associations (they are referred to the third level associations) also went to the basket. The check on the efficiency of the association is done elementary: we take a person not involved in the project, and we ask what visualization can mean. If it is not obvious, you need to look for other solutions.

As a result, we settled on associations that are understandable to a person without additional explanations, but not those that first came to mind. We chose associations of the second level. Finally, the conclusion that we once again deduced for ourselves after this work: the more complex the presentation theme is, the better the illustrations work, as they help to understand the text and connect the visual image with the meaning of the text on the slides.

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