30+ ChatGPT Prompts for Pitch Decks That Win Over Investors

Crafting a persuasive and engaging investor pitch should be anything but tedious. Save time, gain strategic insights, and take your slides to the next level with ChatGPT. Read on to find out how you can benefit from pitch deck improvement with AI.

How You Can Enhance Your Pitch Deck with AI

In a recent experiment, investors and business owners were tasked with comparing pitch decks generated by GPT-4 with those created by humans, all while keeping them in the dark about any AI involvement. The outcome? GPT-4 outshone humans when it came to the persuasiveness of investor presentations.

We still believe AI can't know your business as intimately as you do. Achieving meaningful, tailored results requires effort, data collection, and the fine-tuning of prompts. But there's no denying that ChatGPT and similar AI tools are a game-changer for business owners looking to level up their investor presentations.

These are the areas AI can help you with:

  • Content enhancement. Polish your narratives, value propositions, and key messages by harnessing ChatGPT to rewrite them with powerful language that resonates with your target audience.
  • Idea generation. If you're stuck on how to present a particular concept or data, rely on ChatGPT for fresh ideas and angles to make your pitch more engaging.
  • Proofreading and editing. ChatGPT is great for eliminating errors, enhancing coherence, and ensuring clarity in your texts, ultimately improving the overall professionalism of your content.
  • Data analysis. If your presentation relies on complex data, ChatGPT can assist in summarizing and visualizing data trends and insights, making them more accessible.
  • Audience engagement. Leverage AI to generate questions or points of discussion tailored to your audience, encouraging interaction during your pitch.

The Quality of Your Input Determines the Quality of the Output

ChatGPT most certainly lacks intuition and mind-reading capabilities. It doesn't read between the lines. It doesn’t spot any hidden meanings. And it won't interpret your intentions beyond what's explicitly stated. 

A vague prompt will give vague results. If you ask ChatGPT, "Tell me about marketing ideas," you're likely to receive a broad and generic response. But if you refine your prompt to "Can you provide digital marketing strategies for a tech product targeting millennials?", you'll receive more relevant, actionable insights. In simple terms, to get the best results, you need to make sure your requests are well-crafted, clear, and specific.

The Reprezent team put together AI prompts for pitch decks that we personally rely on to turn generic responses into nuggets of insights. We’ve also sprinkled in some tips and tricks to help you tweak those results further and get the most out of this tool. Bookmark this blog post and share it with your startup and entrepreneur pals who could use a little AI helping hand.

Prompts for (Nearly) Every Slide of Your Investor Pitch

Introduction slide

The first slide usually includes a short, catchy product description in just one sentence. It's a big deal for your brand's image, and it needs to nail down what makes your offer special. Leaving it to AI might not be the best idea. AI tools, while useful, often lack the creative spark and emotional depth that make slogans and taglines resonate with people. 

However, Chat GPT can be your brainstorming buddy in this process. It can provide inspiration and help generate ideas, but the final version would still require a human touch to capture the essence of your brand. 

✍️ Suggest [number] taglines for [your product] that [short product description].

To ensure precise and tailored results, take your time writing a snappy, informative, one-sentence description of your product that highlights its key feature or the main benefit it brings to your customers.

💡Tip: Always be mindful when sharing confidential and sensitive information, such as patented ideas, copyrighted content, or trade secrets. We all know that once something is online, it's there forever—potentially risking unauthorized use.

For a follow-up, play around with specific details about the desired tone, style, or target audience for the text. Begin with our suggestions, then let your creativity flow as you tailor these prompts to fit your brand's unique requirements.

  • Write a tagline that uses persuasive language and a strong call to action.
  • Write a tagline that uses humor to engage and entertain [your target audience].
  • Write a tagline that emphasizes the simplicity and ease of use of [your product].
  • Write a tagline that appeals to the emotions of your [your target audience] and creates a sense of connection.
  • Write a tagline that creates a sense of community and belonging around [your product].
  • Write a tagline that uses rhyme or alliteration to make it more memorable.
  • Write a tagline based on a metaphor or analogy.
  • Write a tagline that uses a pun or wordplay to make it more engaging.


The following three prompts for pitch deck slides will help you pinpoint a potential problem your product can tackle. AI tools don’t always have the most up-to-date data, so back up the ChatGPT-generated points with some solid stats to show the magnitude of the problem. For a comprehensive list of relevant URLs, ChatGPT 4 is your best bet.

✍️ Create a problem statement for a pitch deck slide about [your product] similar to [1-2 of your main competitors], focusing on challenges faced by [your target audience].
  • Highlight specific industry challenges with supporting statistics from the latest research or industry reports.
  • Cite relevant studies and data sources that validate the problem.
  • Present in a clear, concise format and ensure accuracy with proper citations and URLs for sources. 
Mistakes undermine my trust, so be accurate and thorough.

✍️ Write a problem statement for [your product] that highlights [your target audience] top frustrations. Don't make assumptions, but base your response on [your product] reviews and experiences [your target audience] shared online.

✍️ Tell me 3 believable deepest fears people have around [the area of your interest]. I don’t want boring surface-level answers but the kind of things people likely wouldn’t admit out loud.


Depending on whether you’re starting a new chat or generating a solution as a follow-up to the problem slide, you can tailor the prompt accordingly. Omit the initial part about the product if you've already shared enough information above, or add more relevant details.

✍️ I’m developing [your product] that would address the following problems [your target audience] often face:
[list down the relevant points from the Problem prompts]
Suggest how I can describe my startup’s solution in 2-3 sentences to attract investors, taking into account the problems above.

We like to specify sentence or character limits in prompts because ChatGPT can sometimes go into lengthy responses full of unnecessary details and flowery language. But it's all about experimenting. So try prompts with and without this part to see if it can suggest some more interesting ideas to include in your product description or any other slide. 

💡Tip: If you asked to limit the number of sentences, but the results still seem quite lengthy for your pitch deck slides, try refining them further with this prompt: “Make the sentences above more concise to fit the pitch deck format better.”


ChatGPT might not have the freshest market research data: ChatGPT 3.5's knowledge is up to January 2022, while ChatGPT 4 is a bit more current, going up to April 2023. You can still use them for brainstorming ideas about buyer personas, market segments, and general market trends. However, remember to ALWAYS double-check the accuracy of the statistical data and the credibility of the suggested sources. 

✍️ I want to develop a product that [your product idea, starting with a verb]. Act as a market researcher and create a buyer persona who is likely to buy this product. 
Include demographic and psychographic info, income, needs, likes, and dislikes. Use the information from open data sources and list down the relevant URLs at the end of your response, not within the text.

Try role-playing scenarios to set the desired behavior or role for the AI. For example, start with the following phrases: "you're an expert in...", "pretend you're...", "act as...", "imagine you're...". By framing prompts this way, you can guide the AI to respond with expertise, enhancing the quality and relevance of the information provided.

✍️ Why is now the time to start a company in [your industry sector]? Support your response with evidence drawn from the latest market analysis and trends, including references and URLs to data sources.
(some of the suggested points)

✍️ Provide a summary of the latest news on [your area of interest] market trends based on stats and data from credible sources.
(some of the suggested points)

💡Tip: If you want a list of links at the end of the response for easy access, just add this phrase to your prompt: “List down URLs at the end of your response, not within the text.”

Product description

Embrace experimentation and iteration. The model's responses can vary, even with identical prompts, so subtle tweaks to your wording can lead to entirely different outcomes. Don't hesitate to explore and fine-tune your prompts until you achieve the product description that aligns perfectly with your vision.

✍️ I am developing [your product]. It has the following features:
[list down your product features]
Please help me write a compelling and concise description of product features that highlights my unique selling proposition.

✍️ Write a product description in a [adjective describing the desired tone] style so [your target audience] understand what this product does and how it benefits them.

Right from the very first paragraph in the example above, you can see how the tone and mood of the description changed compared to the initial output. Here are the types of tones you can use for the given prompt:

  • formal
  • authoritative
  • serious
  • matter of fact
  • persuasive
  • conversational
  • informal
  • humorous
  • empathetic
  • friendly
  • encouraging

✍️ Write a product description for experienced [your target audience] that highlights the benefits of this product in their everyday life.

✍️ Write a product description highlighting unconventional benefits so [your target audience] understand how this product benefits them in counterintuitive ways.

All of the prompts above are great for jazzing up how you talk about your product and its features. Plus, you can use them to list out your unique selling points on a separate slide. Pick one of these prompts, get the results, and then ask ChatGPT to "Formulate those benefits as unique selling points in a concise bullet-point format."

Competitor analysis

To get a comprehensive competitor analysis, use ChatGPT 4. Provide it with a list of your main competitors and share as many details about your product features as you can in your first request. From there, you can build up information step by step. Don’t forget to occasionally refer back to some of the model’s earlier responses to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

✍️ Imagine you're a market research consultant. Provide me with a detailed analysis of my top 3 competitors in [your industry]: [list of your main competitors]. Focus on their strengths, weaknesses, and strategic approaches.
ChatGPT Response

✍️ Compare and contrast my product features against the top competitors listed above. Highlight the features that set my product apart from the competition.
✍️ Please analyze [your competitor] product features and identify the biggest gaps you spot compared to our offerings.

Business model and marketing strategy

Crafting a business model or marketing strategy is not something you'd want to delegate to a generative AI. But it can actually help you work on these tasks smarter, not harder. 

Consider engaging ChatGPT as your virtual business consultant, framing prompts as role-play to conduct an in-depth audit of your business model. This approach can provide insightful feedback and recommendations to enhance your business strategy.

✍️ I'm developing a business model canvas for [your product]. Here's my progress so far: [current canvas]. Act as a business consultant and point out the key information missing right now to help me complete and refine the canvas.
✍️ Pretend you're a business consultant and perform a comprehensive evaluation of my existing business model. Pinpoint its strengths and areas in need of improvement.

ChatGPT will offer many valuable insights on how to improve your business model. However, for your pitch deck business model slide, we recommend focusing on revenue streams and general project math. Ask ChatGPT to craft a condensed version, ensuring it's concise and slide-friendly: “Formulate an updated business model in a concise way for a pitch deck slide. Focus on how we will earn money, our main revenue streams, and general project math.” 

The same prompts can be used for marketing strategy evaluation, just change “business consultant” to “experience CMO” or “marketing expert.”

💡Tip: ChatGPT sometimes goes on a creative streak and might add extra imaginary details that weren't in your original prompt, especially in longer outputs. To reduce the likelihood of this, try including the following phrase in your prompt: "Mistakes undermine my trust, so be accurate and thorough." And still, always verify the accuracy of the responses before making any changes to your business model documents and adding any texts to your investor pitch.


ChatGPT proves to be a real time-saver when it comes to streamlining your financial data analysis and trend identification. Plus, you’ll also end up with neatly organized content to add to your investor pitch slides. Provide your business numbers, gather competitor financial data from public sources, and let AI do the heavy lifting.

✍️ My startup has achieved some traction, including  [your details]
Help me present these details in the most effective way and suggest what else to add to the traction slide.
ChatGPT Response

✍️ Perform a benchmark analysis against industry standards to evaluate my company’s financial performance.
✍️ Assess how current market trends may boost my company’s financial profitability.

The Ask

Creating this final part of the pitch deck might seem pretty straightforward, as you know better than any AI-based tool the investment amount you need. However, ChatGPT can help you come up with a nice call-to-action to add to the slide for an additional glow-up.

Brainstorm ideas using this prompt. If you stumble upon a line that resonates with you, use it as is or try mixing and matching bits from different suggestions.

✍️ Please generate 3 different subject lines that will prompt potential investors to take action and support [your product].

Key Takeaways on How To Get The Best Out of AI Prompts for Your Pitch Deck

1. You can leverage AI to enhance content, design, and overall effectiveness, boosting your chances of delivering a pitch that captivates and persuades. Whether you're brainstorming ideas, looking for content inspiration, or need help with copywriting and editing, ChatGPT is your go-to tool to save your precious time.

2. ChatGPT's capabilities are limited to explicit information and require clear and specific prompts for optimal results. 

3. Detailed prompts give tailored and accurate responses, but be careful when sharing confidential and, in other ways, sensitive information online to prevent potential unauthorized use.

4. If you're looking for focused and concise answers, ask ChatGPT to limit the response length to a certain number of sentences, characters, or key points.

5. Use role-playing scenarios by framing prompts with phrases like "you're an expert in..." or "pretend you're..." to guide the AI to respond with expertise, improving the relevance of the output.

6. Experiment and iterate with your prompts. Even small changes in wording can lead to different AI responses.

7. Verify and fact-check ChatGPT responses for accuracy, as it relies on pre-trained data and may not have access to the latest information.

8. Download our ebook with all the ChatGPT prompts and tips from this article for easy reference whenever you want.

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