7 unconventional branding examples to get inspired

Not sure where to start developing your corporate identity? Define the brand's character and think about how to express it through colors, shapes, sounds, images. To have some ideas get inspired by the branding of famous companies. We will talk about seven creative examples in the article.

What is a corporate identity

When you meet new people, they judge you by your appearance, voice, mannerisms, statements. The same thing happens when you bring a brand to market. The attitude of consumers depends on how the company looks and communicates - in other words, what is its corporate style or identity.

The corporate identity consists of colors, shapes, fonts, images, smells, sounds, tone of voice, which should create a holistic image. Every element is equally important in it - from the logo and packaging to the work of the call center and the music that plays in the store.

How to create a brand identity

Creation of an identity takes time - this process can be broken down into several main stages:


Analysis. To create a corporate identity you need to understand the character of the company, its mission, values and target audience.

A tip. Ask yourself specific questions such as "Why am I doing business besides making money?" "What do I believe in and what inspires me?" "How would I like customers to describe my brand to friends."


Choosing tools. Think about what colors, shapes, intonations, materials will most accurately express the brand's identity.

A tip. Start developing your corporate identity with a logo - the main visual symbol of the company. The online designer Logaster will help you with this: just enter the brand name and a couple of keywords to get dozens of professional logo options.


Get inspired. Study corporate identities of other companies - observation is very important in the creative process. The more examples you see, the more ideas you will have.

A tip. Analyze specific techniques that brands are using and think about how to apply them to your business.

Examples of original branding

"Steal Like an Artist" - this title of the famous book by Austin Cleon has already become an aphorism. In other words, look around and don't be afraid to creatively rethink other people's tricks. We will discuss some of them below.

Little Wolf Coffee

The identity of the coffee brand is based on attributes unconventional for this sphere: a mascot in the form of a funny wolf and a blue and white color scheme.

A simple and friendly image was born from the company's mission - to share their passion for coffee roasting. The name was given to the brand by the founders' pet - a Siberian husky, similar to a small wolf. The drawn wolf cub is present on all elements of the corporate identity: from cardboard cups to T-shirts and bags.

The mascot drinks coffee, dances, reads, plays, conveying the open character of the brand, and encourages customers to enjoy life with him. "A cup of coffee is only as good as the company you share it with. Take a few friends (fluffy or not) and brew coffee the way you like, "suggest the creators of Little Wolf Coffee.

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The video streaming service advertises its products in a variety of media and formats, from a mobile app to giant billboards in Times Square. Therefore, the designers were faced with the task of creating a simple, bright and versatile corporate identity that would remain recognizable at any scale. This is how the red color and pure bold font for the text logo appeared.

Netflix's primary branding tool is the series and show catalog. For their advertising, the company uses a format of cards of different sizes, which are easy to scale and transfer to different platforms - both print and digital. Each card features one branding element, such as a character from a TV show or part of a red logo.


The American sleepwear company has changed the industry with its branding approach. Casper started by selling mattresses online, while competitors were still selling in offline stores.

The corporate identity helped to influence the buying habits of people and attract them to online. A simple text logo, a calming blue and white color scheme, fun illustrations in advertisements, and rounded shapes in fonts and drawings create a friendly and cheerful brand image that is close to users.

The impression is complemented by the tone of voice on the website and in social networks: the company does not load customers with complex terminology about the design of mattresses, but tells how to establish healthy sleep and enjoy life.

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When renowned Danish chef Rene Redzepi opened the first restaurant in Japan, he decided to build branding on the philosophy of combining cultures, techniques, products.

The inspiration for the name and corporate identity was the Inuit - the indigenous peoples of North America, who believed in the connection between all objects of nature: land, plants, animals and people. This is how the idea of the brand appeared: "All things are separated, but remain together."

This philosophy is embodied in visual branding, which combines minimalism with sophistication, symmetry with asymmetry, elegance with simplicity. All forms in Inua are inspired by the lines of nature: flowers, herbs, trees. Their elements can be seen in different details - from the menu to the interior decoration.


The logo of the New York Museum of Modern Art (or MoMA) is one of the most famous in the world of culture. You will probably recognize the four bold black letters, which are always vertical, just like on the facade of a museum.

Vivid colors and original framing complement the visual identity. In outdoor, print and digital advertising, a slightly cropped picture is usually shown along with the logo.

A particularly interesting effect is obtained when several advertising posters are combined. Large black letters, along with multi-colored images, look expressive and dynamic - as befits a brand representing contemporary art.

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HiTech Center

The service center for Apple products positions itself as a simple and straightforward brand that cares about customers and offers efficient service. Therefore, white and blue were chosen as corporate colors, symbolizing calmness and confidence.

The brand's benevolence is emphasized by the creative emblem: the word "Hi" in the name was placed in a speech bubble. This spelling emphasizes that the first place for a company is not high technology, but communication with users.

Berg & Berg

An example of minimalism performed by the Scandinavian company Berg & Berg, which calls itself "a modern brand for buyers of modern menswear."

The philosophy of the brand is based on the rethinking of the classics, attention to quality and customer care. This is embodied primarily by the combined logo. The name Berg & Berg is written in a modern, classic style Reader font. There is an unfinished sewing stitch above the lettering: this small imperfection creates a handmade feel.

All elements of the corporate identity, including photos, website, business cards, are made in muted gray-beige colors that convey the calm noble character of the brand.


There are many more examples of creative branding than can't fit in one article. We advise you to find companies with a similar identity, products, target audience and study their corporate identity. Remember to jot down helpful techniques and tricks with your comments as you go, and you'll end up with an impressive list of fresh ideas.

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