Presentation design agency: When to search & How to choose

When to search & How to choose

Probably, you have another presentation upcoming: pitch for investors, a marketing report or live speech on a conference.

If this presentation does not differ from your casual workflow, these are the common steps you'll take:
– working with content,
– paste everything into PowerPoint, Keynote or any other presentation design tool,
– design each slide by adding shapes, colours and dabbling with fonts — and your slides are not just boring lists of bullets,
– rehearse if this deck is for a live talk, or
– just send it via email if your presentation is self-explanatory.

At first sight, everything is clear.
However, when you need a presentation beyond an ordinary task — it's a real challenge.

To overcome non-routine obstacles, it is a good idea to find an expertise outside of your company.

Why outside your company? Because sometimes only a person or a team whose professional background differs from yours can bring fresh ideas, point out peculiar communication messages and help you understand your potential audience better.

Good news: there are a lot of companies, who will be happy to cooperate with you.
Bad news: there are a lot of them, and it can be quite hard to find a good partner.

A check-list to find a great presentation design agency to meet your needs best.


— How can this agency help me/my company by looking at my business from outside?

Sometimes all you need is a fresh view given by a person/group of people who are not familiar with your business like you. They can highlight some aspects of your work you might not have considered before.


— Do they have enough time to complete an urgent task?

We all face situations of urgency. Business conditions change very fast and sometimes you need last-minute help. And hiring presentation design agency with resources capable of doing work with tough deadline can help you present in outstanding manner.


— Do they have experience in a variety of industries and projects?

Working for many years in one industry gives you great expertise and niche knowledge. But is has downsides, too. The negative side can lie in the lack of new ideas and outdated approaches.

Every company wants to form an image of modern. Our brain is attracted to novelty. Great ideas often occur at the intersection of absolutely different cultural and business backgrounds. So hiring a presentation design agency that developed a variety of projects can bring some novelty into your deck.


– Does the company performs well at graphic design?

Graphic design is the main issue why most clients hire professional team.
And design part can be pretty challenging, as great designers earn their experience through years and more than hundred projects.

Graphic design is a tricky thing to evaluate, as tastes differ.

However, there are fundamental rules:
1) text should be formatted so it is easy and pleasant to read,
2) good color contrast, especially in projected or printed presentation,
3) neatly aligned objects on slides.


– Does this presentation design agency use the latest features of the software?

PowerPoint was released in 1987. And it is the most widespread presentation tool since then. Recent updates like Morph transitions and animated 3D objects make this tool brand new and still modern.

Details create the big picture.

— Sanford I. Weill

Hope this questionnaire will help you while looking for a presentation design agency.

Reprezent team will be also eager to bring presentation design expertise into your project. Contact us to discuss the details.

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