How to Create a Contact Slide for Your Pitch Deck?

Alright, you've done the hard part — you got in front of investors and told them all about your idea. You've covered the what, the why, and the how much, showed off what you've built, scoped out the competition, and laid out your plan to win over customers. So, what's next on the agenda?

It's time to ensure they know how to get in touch. This piece is all about crafting the perfect Contact Slide for your pitch deck. We're going to break down what needs to go on there to make it informative, toss in some tips on making it look good without going overboard, and share the no-nos you'll want to steer clear of.

Think of it as your "call me, maybe?" moment but with less pop-song awkwardness and more "let's get down to business" vibes. We'll show you how to leave a professional, clear, and, most importantly, memorable mark. Let's dive in and make your Contact Slide something that has them reaching out instead of zoning out.

What is Included in the Contact Slide?

Think of your Contact Slide as your mic drop moment. It's way more than just tossing your email or phone number out there. It's your closing argument, your last chance to inspire investors to take action. And, we all know the drill: the easier we make it for someone to do something, the more likely they'll actually do it. Your mission? Lay out your contact info so it's a no—brainer to reach out.

Here’s how to ensure your Contact Slide strikes the right balance:

  • Company Name and Logo: These elements reaffirm your brand identity. They should be clearly visible without dominating the slide and overshadowing the essential details.
  • Email and Phone: Fundamental contact details must be front and center, providing a clear pathway for communication.
  • Website and Socials: Only shout out the spots where you hang out regularly.
  • Physical Address: Only include this if your business's location significantly impacts potential funding decisions. Otherwise, it's unnecessary clutter.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Ending your presentation with a mere "Thank you" is a missed opportunity. The final slide should be a compelling invitation for your audience to take the next step. Suggest something like "Visit our website to see our product in action", "Contact us to learn more", "Join us for a networking session after the presentation", etc. Your CTA should be clear, direct, and singular, ensuring it aligns with your pitch's overarching narrative.

💡Tip: Adding a QR code could be a game—changer. It zips people straight to, say, your social media profile in a snap. Talk about making things speedy and simple!

Visualization Tips for a Contact Slide

Creating a slide that catches the eye while being a breeze to grasp is key. Here’s something to chew on: on average, investors only spend about 3 minutes and 44 seconds glancing through a pitch deck. That’s all the time you’ve got to make your mark. So, for your Contact Slide, it’s crucial to be concise and clear.

Let’s dive into some pointers to nail that Contact Slide design:

  • Keep it simple. More open space means key details pop more. It’s all about giving your slide room to breathe, so focus only on what’s essential.
  • Font size and contrast are your friends. Go for big, bold fonts that stand out. On light backgrounds, stick to at least 14—16 pt font size. Switching to a dark background? Pump it up to at least 18 pt.
  • Set up a visual pecking order. Arrange info to guide the eye smoothly from the most crucial points down to the less critical ones.
  • Icons are super helpful. They make spotting social media, phone numbers, and emails a breeze, adding clarity and a dash of style.
  • Think about the margins. Consider the placement of information on the slide depending on how you present your idea. A video with a "talking head" during an online meeting or a speaker on stage in front of a big screen should not block access to the information on the slide. Think in advance about whether your audience will see everything during the presentation.

Mistakes to Avoid

The Contact Slide is your pitch's grand finale, and getting it right matters. Here’s a quick rundown of don’ts to keep your Contact Slide clean and effective:

  • Overloading with info is a no—go. Keep it spacious and stick to the essentials.
  • Stay on brand. Make sure this slide matches the look and feel of the rest of your presentation.
  • Keep contacts updated. Double—check that all your contact info is current, so investors can actually reach out.
  • A clear, single CTA is key. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do next, and keep it to one action.
  • Mind the technicalities. Make sure the slide shows up right and that you’re not obscuring important details when you present.

Contact Slide made by Reprezent presentation design agency

We've compiled a few Contact Slide examples from Reprezent to inspire you.

Examples from Reprezent projects

Your Contact Slide isn't just another slide; it's a potential gateway to future opportunities. In the startup scene, it's the small touches that can make a big difference. Let your Contact Slide pave the way to your next big break.

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