How to Create a Perfect Pitch Deck Solution Slide

To kickstart meaningful discussions with investors, your pitch deck plays a significant role. This guide explores the key aspects of a pitch deck solution slide, what sets it apart, what to include, and how to present it effectively.

What is a Pitch Deck Solution Slide?

The solution slide in a pitch deck gives a quick glimpse of how the company's product or service solves a specific problem or fills a gap in the market. It's often just one simple sentence describing the solution. But let's not forget, the effectiveness of your solution slide is tightly linked to what surrounds it.

Before you craft your slide, let's talk about what comes before and after it in your pitch deck. Firstly, dive deep into the problem. Remember, your pitch deck solution slide springs from your problem slide. The better you understand the users or market problem, the smoother it'll be to sell the solution to investors. Take a fresh look at your current problem slide. Is it solid enough to lay the groundwork for your solution?

Also, let's clarify the difference between the product slide and the solution slide in the pitch deck. The product slide focuses on features, while the solution slide shines a light on the benefits. Highlighting the benefits will resonate more with investors and clearly communicate the value of your product or service. 

Why Is the Solution Slide So Important?

It helps investors see why the company's product or service is special, and why it's the best solution available. It shows how the product solves problems and can really help customers. A well-crafted solution pitch deck slide can capture investors' attention and make them interested in the business. 

What is Included in the Solution Slide?

When investors evaluate a startup, they closely examine indicators that may suggest potential challenges. One crucial aspect they scrutinize is whether the startup has a competitive edge and a viable solution. As a result, each investor has developed their own method for assessing pitch decks over time. 

In this context, we've identified the critical components of key pillars for your compelling solution slide.

  • Overview: Give a summary of how the product solves the problem or meets the market need. Highlight the standout features or functionalities that directly resolve the problem statement. Present this information clearly and engagingly to capture attention and ignite interest.
  • Unique Selling Points: What makes your product special and better than the rest? Whether it's cool features, great quality, top performance, or anything else that makes it stand out, talk about it. By focusing on these special qualities, you help investors build an understanding of why your product is the best choice.
  • Value Proposition: Illustrate how your product benefits both customers and investors in this section. Instead of just listing features, explain how your product helps users in real ways. Whether it's making things easier, saving time, cutting costs, or getting better results, explain how your product improves the lives or operations of your audience.
  • Statistics: Provide evidence, credibility of your solution’s effectiveness. Data can persuade and influence your audience, as numbers and metrics are highly convincing. Whether it's quantifying efficiency gains, cost savings, or performance improvements, statistics offer tangible proof of the benefits your solution delivers.

Let's simulate the situation, imagine a company has developed an app to help people manage their money better. In their pitch deck, they'd dedicate a slide to showcasing how their app solves the problem of keeping track of spending. 

Overview: Our app is designed to transform the way people manage their finances, offering a solution to the common challenge of tracking spending effectively.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Automated Expense Sorting: Our app simplifies expense tracking by automatically categorizing expenses, saving users valuable time and effort.
  • Personalized Budget Creation: We enable users to craft customized budgets that reflect their unique financial objectives and lifestyle choices.
  • Real-Time Spending Updates: With instant updates on spending patterns, users can effortlessly stay informed about their financial status.

Value Proposition: Our innovative approach addresses the limitations of traditional money management methods and demonstrates our commitment to enhancing users' financial well-being. 

Statistics: We cater to a market where 65% of individuals struggle with expense tracking, providing a solution that empowers users to take control of their finances effectively.

Don't worry, even if it appears overwhelming, our next recommendations and tips will guide you with the know-how to condense all that information onto a single, impactful slide.

How to Present the Solution Slide Effectively?

Regardless of how long you have been in the pitching game, a pitch deck is about packaging all those hours of hard work—the long and relentless hours of effort that you can't physically show, but your pitch deck can. Your task at every stage of the presentation is to believe in your project and do everything to make investors believe in it too.

When planning the presentation of your solution pitch deck slide, it's important to consider how you'll be delivering your pitch deck: will you simply send it via email, or will you have the opportunity to present it face-to-face?

To provide you with helpful guidance, we have prepared some key tips to keep in mind. Follow them to ensure your pitch deck makes a successful first impression on investors.

  • Focus on Benefits: Talk about how your solution directly improves users' lives, emphasizing convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness. These benefits should be measurable and easy to explain.
  • Use Visuals: Show pictures, infographics or charts to explain how the solution works and why it's great. Visual communication often speaks louder than words alone.
  • Keep it Concise: Don't overload investors with too much information. Stick to the most important points.
  • Tell a Story: Share the problem, the solution, and what it means for the target audience in a cool story.
  • Test and Practice: Try practicing your slide pitch with someone and see how they react. Record yourself, gather feedback and make improvements to make it even better. Pay attention to your tone, pace, and body language, if you present face-to-face.
  • Customize for Email: If sending your pitch deck via email, provide a brief introduction in the email body summarizing the key points and why it's relevant to the recipient. Attach the pitch deck as a PDF for easy viewing.

💡Tip: The investment process isn't just about selling your company or getting the best deal. It's about building strong long-term relationships with investors that benefit everyone. Make sure your goals match theirs when you pitch your idea.

To avoid confusion, we've prepared some good examples at the end of the article that can serve as valuable references as you refine your solution pitch deck slide. 

Visualization Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Before diving into the design of your solution slide, we recommend checking out these important things to do and not to do. They'll help make sure your pitch grabs the attention of investors and tells them clearly why your product is as great as you see it.

Firstly, let's explore the dos:

  • Use high-quality graphics to effectively communicate the solution and its benefits.
  • Keep your branding consistent so your slide matches your company's style.
  • Keep the design simple to avoid overwhelming the slide.
  • Limit the amount of text per slide to prevent overcrowding and maintain clarity.
  • Proofread your content if it's not your native language.

Now, let's consider the don'ts:

  • Don't use irrelevant graphics or visuals that do not match the context of your presentation.
  • Don't make it hard to understand. Keep your words short and clear.
  • Don't promise too much or ignore feedback. That can make investors doubt you.

Solution Slide made by Reprezent presentation design agency

To strengthen the theory, let's check out a few examples from the Reprezent portfolio. We have been making world-class presentations since 2014. With a track record dating back to 2014, we worked with more than 500 clients from 25 countries and made 700+ presentations.

The slides below came from various niches, offering different products and resources, but they all share one goal: to present the solution pitch deck slide in the clearest way possible. And guess what? They all raised their investment rounds!

Key Takeaways

1. The solution slide in a pitch deck gives a quick glimpse of how the company's product or service solves a specific problem or fills a gap in the market. It's often just one simple sentence describing the solution.

2. Your pitch deck solution slide springs from your problem slide. The better you understand the users or market problem, the smoother it'll be to sell the solution to investors.

3. Key elements to include for your slide:

4. Problem Statement: Clearly define the problem or market need to establish the context for the solution.

  • Overview: Provide a summary of how the product or service addresses the problem and highlight its key features.
  • Unique Selling Points: Emphasize what makes the product or service exceptional and superior to competitors.
  • Value Proposition: Illustrate the benefits of the solution for both customers and investors, focusing on real-world impacts.
  • Statistics: Offer evidence of the solution's effectiveness through data and metrics, enhancing credibility.

5. Consider how you'll be delivering your pitch deck when planning the presentation of your solution. Focus on the benefits, use visuals, keep it concise, tell a story, test and practice, and customize for an email to effectively present your solution in the pitch deck.

6. When planning your slide, pay attention to ensuring high-quality graphics with proper sense, consistent branding, simple design, limited text, and proofread content. 

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