How to Make a Successful Company Presentation

Often a client will say: "Please, email me with your company presentation". People ask for the presentation because it's easy to find all the information about your offers in one document, and they don't need to search it on the website. It can also be printed to show to the staff during the meeting.

PowerPoint company presentation is useful because:

  1. Slides can be easily and quickly changed depending on the client;
  2. It can be sent by email and it will work without your assistance;
  3. PowerPoint presentation in a PDF format can be up to 10MB, if saved properly. So you don't have to worry that the email service will not allow it.

The structure is the main difficulty that people face while working on a company presentation. What should you tell the client to spark their interest?

The structure is individual for each company. It all depends on the goal of the presentation, its audience and company's features. We would be lying if we said that there is the same presentation structure for both IT companies and tour operators.

At the same time, there are some standards that can be used for many company presentations. Let's call them "presentation blocks". We will describe the blocks that are most popular according to our experience. You can choose which to be used or not for your company presentation.

Block 1

+ Company's name;

+ Indicate the main idea of your presentation (for example presentation about the company, presentation about some service, quotation, company profile, etc.).

– Don't add contacts info, date or version of presentation here. This info is not needed on the title slide.

Block 2

About company

+ Briefly (no more than 4 sentences) describe what the company does, how long it exists, how big is it, whom you provide services for;

+ Mention company's awards and merits. For example, the company was recognized as the best law company in France, or you won Cannes Lions.

! If you are making a general presentation and there are many services to be described, it's better to make an individual slide for them.

Block 3

Our services

+ Briefly describe the services of your company.

– We advise you not to make a detailed description of each service. It's better to make a separate document or a page on your website for it.

Block 4

Portfolio / Products / Catalog

This unit is very important for interior design studios, clothing and accessories brands, web-studios and other companies that work with visual content.

Photos and pictures quality really influence the presentation success and client's general impression about the company.

Block 5

Our cases

You can show cases and portfolios on the same slide or separate them.

Cases describe not only the work you did for the client but show a story about the project's success.

For example, your job is brand-building and your portfolio shows the level of your work and your designers' abilities. Cases can show the process of website creation for the client and its successful performance after.

Block 6

Our clients / Partners

+ Show logos of your clients or partners.

– Don't make this slide full of logos, just several famous companies would be enough.

! Sometimes you can make two separate slides: "Our clients" and "Our partners".

For example, you have a delivery business.
The "Clients" slide can show the companies you serve, and the "Partners" one — companies that help you with delivery in the regions you are not working in.

Block 7

Our offer

+ If you have a specific offer for a company/person you are presenting to, talk about it on a separate slide.

Block 8

Contact info

+ Show your email address, telephone number, high-quality photo of yourself (in case you are a contact person).

Remember that there are no universal structures for company presentation. You need to think about the goal of your presentation and who will be seeing it. What is the selling point and how can you convey it to the client?

You can use this structure to start working on your company presentation. And if you need help with the design you can always approach Reprezent team for impressive slides.

Making a presentation about your company?

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