Animated exhibition Keynote presentation
Description of project
The client had an Excel spreadsheet with a list of software development costs in large projects.

And a list of how much you can save on each position if you implement the proposed solution.

The presentation was developed for display at the stand at a large conference. And its task is to attract users and at the same time without word garbage to show the benefits of cooperation.
Business speaks the language of numbers, therefore the emphasis in this presentation is on economy and technology for this.

Initially, the client asked us to simply decorate the spreadsheet, but we went a bit further.
For each item, a separate slide was selected and an animated illustration was added to the slides.

On each slide was not just a static picture, but a dynamic animated illustration so it was much easier to attract the attention of the audience. This presentation in Keynote was rotated in a looped form at one of IT conferences. The graphics were drawn in Adobe Illustrator, animated in Keynote.
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