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Qurdh Al Hail Presentation

PowerPoint slide design for UAE brand
Projects description
We have a client from the UAE, Mishal AlMarzouqi, who often asks for a presentation design services.

This time, Mishal came for a presentation aimed at a local startup and initiative competition. The mission of this competition is to show the cultural heritage of the Emirates around the world.
Since the Mishal's project was suitable for the competition by all criteria, the client needed a nice presentation to show the judges and potential investors.

What is the essence of the Mishal's project?
His mother is an artist, and one day she came up with an idea: why not combine perfumes and traditional Emirates drawings?
So she and her son developed a series of perfumes, on the labels of which were her drawings. Each buyer will have a work of art that not only looks beautiful, but also has practical meaning as a perfume.

After that, the idea expanded, and after a while they hired more than 50 artists from the UAE to design bottles with perfumes, and also began to work with leading perfume manufacturers.

All this had to be told in the presentation.
Make a beautiful and stylish presentation in which modernity would seamlessly intertwine with the past and traditional Arabic motifs.
Initially, the client had a mission, an old presentation with photos and clear requirements from the contest organizers, which content should be included in the presentation.

Based on these requirements, we formed a series of questions, answering which, the client gave us a set of information with which we later worked.

We improved texts, formed a structure of the deck. We conducted a small research on the scaling options for the project and started design.
Collection and refinement of content from the client, creation of the presentation structure, design and animation of the professional PowerPoint presentation.
Few slides from the presentation
Animated slides
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