How can Pokémons help to improve your presentation?

Author: Vera Karam
Do you remember that massive insanity when Niantic launched a game with an augmented reality Pokémon Go? The Pokémon then broke into Facebook news feeds and the lives of many of us, and did not pass by the presentation design.

We decided to combine the trend of Pokémon Go with the experience of presentations design and public speakers preparation. Our team created the Pokémons with unique abilities and appearance. Please meet: Texter, Sleepoke, Animatron, Pixic, Emochu and Datasaur, which are fantastic creatures whose reason for existence is nothing but making a presentation harder to perceive.

These cute creatures, the creations of our imagination, will personify the most common mistakes you make when creating presentations to help you avoid them in the future.

Better watched in a full screen mode.

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